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Attract The Right Opportunities For Your Startup


Everyday she comes and goes,

How to grab her? Nobody knows.

Opportunities must be discovered


Recently I’ve been making a lot of new friends. This is because my friend+roommate Arjun (he’s an EDM DJ) has been introducing me to a lot of people he meets on his own startup journey. Now, to help you understand better, these are nightlife and events folk, so I don’t meet them in a typical “work” setting. It’s not a conference, a meeting, or a setting that encourages startup talk in any way.

So we’re getting drunk over a couple glasses of scotch whisky after a night out. And what are we talking about?


Stand Out, Be Heard

attracting opportunities for startups

Well, I’m one of the few people around who are passionate about business and starting up, so whenever we catch up, our discussions  with their founders tend to veer towards talks about how GrooveOKPlease can grow.

I was recounting to them about how I once developed valuable industry contacts by reaching out to them directly through blogs, and it turns out that one of the people I connected with in my example from when I first started up, an active Angel/VC in the tech industry, was his direct cousin! Now, the guy I was talking to had no clue his cousin was a start-up expert and investor, and neither did I. But it’s only when we got started talking, that we learnt to uncover this fact. For me, this VC is now just a drink away. My friend discovered the potential of his own contacts to help him out at business. What do we learn here?

It’s only when we start talking about our problems, our visions and our experiences that we can discover opportunities.

I never thought that being vocal about your experiences and expertise can make your contacts more meaningful.

Reminds me of a funny advertisement I saw on TV.


(Notice how Ramesh And Suresh recognize they are brothers every time they eat a 5-Star bar)


How do people refer opportunities?


Everybody loves being around and talking about passionate people. Bringing up passionate people is an interesting talking point too. So people will definitely bring you up in a conversation with someone else if they see you’re passionate about an industry and the industry is relevant to the conversation at hand. All you have to do is associate yourself with the industry so they can talk about you easily. You’ll be surprised by the number of other boring people that are around – who have nothing interesting to say about what they do or who they are.

When you talk about the problems that you’re trying to solve to all the people you meet, you’ll be related to an industry or area. We tend to assume people connect people with industries, but really, it works the other way around.

If my friend is always connected with nightlife (or that’s the understanding of him I am left with), I’d always put out a word about these guys every time I discuss nightlife with anybody I know. This could translate in an opportunity for him. More ticket sales, a sponsorship opportunity, depending on who I talk to. But if he wasn’t clear about what he did or what kind of an opportunity he would be interested in, I couldn’t help him out even if I wanted to. 

Whatever it is, you’ve got to be talking about it all the time. 24 x 7. Tweet about it. Share related Facebook stuff. Contribute stuff to your industry. Talk about it to your colleagues at work. Your parents even. Associate yourself with your interests in all the facets of your life. And then just sit back and watch the opportunities come through. Because from then on, everyone you meet has an opportunity waiting to be discovered.

Opportunities are definitely all around the place. I’ve benefited so many times by uncovering opportunities as a founder at Wordplay Content. I am seeing the benefits of being associated with topics that I’m an expert in so I’m definitely going to continue evangelizing what I believe in.

What do you evangelize? What conversations do you end up being associated with? How can I help you succeed?