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Creative Problem Solving for Startups – Every Decision Counts


” Streams flow merrily,

sources of all things new.

Creativity is like water “



making creative decisions

A little innovation in everything you do can take you a long way


Creativity is awesome. We  all know that.

But creativity is not necessarily about artwork or colorful rabbits. We face the choice to be creative in every single thing we do, every day of our lives.

Creative Decisions Help You Wing It.

Well typically with every decision we make – there can be a lot of associated results. Creative decisions often tend to ensure that the number of positive results are on the higher side. Think of a creative decision as something that will help you wing the best possible number of positive results from a single concentrated effort. In business terms – creativity can generate more ROI.

Let me illustrate by a little experience we had lately at Wordplay. One of my colleagues is a mother of a two year old girl who joins her at work in the evenings after day care. She’s a cute little angel and a naughty one at that – scribbling on tables, and going creative every time her mommy was at a meeting 🙂

My editor and I were wondering what we could do to restore order. We didn’t want to stop our lovely young friend from going gaga at work ( the puppy dog eye effect ) because we felt that would just be too Grinch like. So we decided to pick up a coloring book for our little friend and crayons too. Now at the face of it – this looks like a simple thing to do. But I’m going to list down the positives that this can actually lead to:

1. My colleague is thrilled that her daughter is doing something constructive when she’s free

2. Our little friend gets better at art – more creativity is good for the world 🙂

3. The atmosphere at work remains inclusive and productive, something we believe in from the bottom of our hearts. I’d like to imagine anyone stepping into office to see a two year old busily coloring in her books – passionate about her work like everybody else in our start-up!

Of course this is a very simple decision – and the results are trivial – but as a founder I feel really good about what Ganesh and me managed to do.

Have you had any opportunities to get creative at situations you’ve met lately? Let us know how you dealt with them creatively in the comments section.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year